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Chamomile, Matriciana Chamomilla

Loose Herbs

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€2.20 / 40 gr.
zip lock bag
All day
1,5 tsp
8-10 min

Universally acknowledged, chamomile is deeply rooted in Greek tradition and known for its curative powers since antiquity. Chamomile is an aromatic plant of refined appearance with a subtle, sweet fragrance, which deserves its place in our larder.

Conventionally we drink chamomile to relax before going to bed.  However, just as important is its sedative effect for conditions related to the nerves, such as migraines and neuralgia. It also brings relief to stomach upsets and period pains. Traditionally, it has been used to 'settle' newborns and toddlers in the teething phase, as well as for mild skin conditions.


  • tea route
    Tea Route

    Greece Our camomile is picked from the plains of Grammatiko, Karditsa.

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