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Assam Singpho Phalap organic


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€8.00 / 50 gr.
zip lock bag
All day
1 piece
3-5 min

A special smoked tea wrapped and aged in bamboo tubes and made using traditional methods by the Singpho people in Assam, India.   The leaves are first plucked from wild tea trees, then fried to stop them oxidising and dried under the sun. After this, they are stuffed in bamboo tubes, where they are smoked for a few days. Now the tea is ready and can be drunk immediately or left to age for years. This is a mildly smoked and sweet tea with a bouquet in orange and golden tones.Over time, like that of wine or Pu’er, Phalap’s flavour mellows, becoming sweeter and rounder.
Sold in small round slices totaling approximately 50 gr.

Tip! Use the same leaves for up to three infusions and enjoy the changes in Phalap’s taste profile. The first cup is slightly rough with the smoke filling the tongue, while the aromas of wood, mint, honey and flowers gradually emerge and linger in the mouth. Thereafter, each cup becomes softer and sweeter.

  • special Mood


  • smoky Taste Profile


  • smoke and wood Aroma

    smoke and wood

  • poached salmon Food Pairing

    poached salmon

  • tea route
    Tea Route

    India Phalap is traditionally drunk after a meal and is thought to be excellent for the digestion.

    tea route

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