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11 DECEMBER 2022

Eco-friendly Christmas!




This year, offer a gift to nature and the climate. With Tearoute your Holiday gifts will also be gifts to the environment.


• Prepare your tea using our disposable, biodegradable paper filters made from abaca pulp, that is to say banana leaves. 


• If you prefer tea bags, check out our 100% range of organic teas. They are biodegradable and in perfect harmony with nature.


• For everyday use, you could purchase a set of 10 reusable bamboo straws.
• Or, if you prefer, a set of two bent stainless steel metallic straws. They can be completed by a cotton pouch and a cleaning brush.


• To combine energy and fitness, make mate your everyday tea. Drink it the traditional way, from a calabash gourd using a bombilla, the slightly curved stainless-steel straw with strainer end.
• To care for your mate set, offer yourself a cotton pouch with a bombilla and cleaning brush.

• Step into the refill Revolution with practical, eco-friendly solutions and choose the thermos or re-usable cup that better suits your needs at home, on the go or at work. Discover our new arrival, just the thermos you need to prepare a perfect matcha and carry it around with you all day.

• And last, but not least, for everyday use as well as Christmas shopping, think of our luxury tote bag. For all orders placed between December 19th and 30th, one tote bag offered.



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