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White Moonlight organic

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€7.50 / 50 gr.
zip lock bag
1,5 tsp
5-6 min

In the southwestern Yunnan highlands, beyond the Lancang river, is situated the organic tea garden from which this year’s White Moonlight comes. Its small, silver-white tips and short, khaki and pine-green leaves have been harvested in the spring and left to dry in the shade. The wet leaves yield sweet aromas reminiscent of a cigar humidifier, tropical fruit and wet wood , that make you feel as if you were hiking in the mist. The liquor is slightly sweet with a clean taste and woodsy notes of cocoa butter. As with all white teas, you can experiment with seeping time and temperature to reach the desired result

  • refreshing Mood


  • fresh Taste Profile


  •  wet wood Aroma

    wet wood

  • cinnamon cookies Food Pairing

    cinnamon cookies

  • tea route
    Tea Route

    Tip! Tip! Before preparing your tea, take a little time to observe the leaves and their beautiful colour contrast to which White Moonlight owes its name. Carefully processed, with a minimum of handling, the leaves have retained the shape they originally had on the tea tree.

    tea route

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