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16 JUNE 2017

Tea and weight loss


Summer is upon us, inviting and challenging us to let our body and our mind shine. It's time to shape our silhouette, shed the extra weight, throw off the small imperfections and toxins that we may have built up during the winter while indulging ourselves with cheering food.

What better way to do it than by including in our lives refreshing summer flavours of tea and herbs?

High in aminoacids, such as L-theanine which can be solely found in the tea plant, polyphenols, catechins, alkaloids like caffeine and an array of valuable minerals and trace elements, teas and herbs will become your most precious ally in your effort to naturally boost your energy levels, increase your metabolic rate and lose weight. Start having one or two cups of tea daily on the road, at work, at home or at the beach and get back in shape!

Try matcha, mate or the blends we have carefully crafted, so that you can effectively ignite your metabolism and remove toxins from your body.

Fitness Tea
Both stimulating and highly fragrant, this blend of herbs with ingredients such as mate, stinging nettle, hibiscus, lemongrass, rosehips, sunflowers and natural strawberry and pineapple scent, will help you increase your metabolic rate and get rid of the extra weight.

Slim Tea
Green tea, green mate and green coffee beans: a powerful triptych that due to its really high antioxidant content and caffeine levels, will energise your body and your mood and will become the perfect ally to losing weight, accompanied with the sweet, delightful aroma coming from the chamomile buds.

Metabolism tea
A refreshing green sencha blend with sweet and lemony aromas accompanied with hints of the sea. The main ingredients are lemongrass, mate and Wakame seaweed, the synergetic effect of which will activate and regulate the metabolism and will boost the regular function of the thyroid.

Detox Sport
A dynamic and intense wellness blend based on Pu'Er tea. Its detoxifying effect will be intensified by ingredients such as stinging nettle, dandelion and rosemary. As always, the earthy flavour of Pu'Er tea stands out, but is softened by the presence of liquorice and orange.

Mate Green
Refreshing and soothing at one and the same time, mate is known as the "drink of the gods"in the countries of South America where it comes from. It is a brew high in caffeine with a strong, earthy and slightly bitter taste. Among other health properties, it improves digestion, reduces appetite and promotes fat loss.

Japan Matcha for drinking
This quintessential tea is probably the most nutritious of all, as the leaves are consumed whole which have been ground and not just the water soluble substances which we usually get when we have our cuppa. Its really high antioxidant levels and caffeine, will help you lose weight while enjoying a sweet, fresh, full of umami liquor with a thick froth formed on top.

Diet Tea
A refreshing, summer tea blend overflowing with citrusy aromas. Green tea is combined with rooibos, lemongrass, lemon, citrus zests, almonds, verbena and lemon balm. Carefully chosen ingredients that will help you eliminate the toxins and extra weight from your body.

Tip! Feel free to experiment with your brews! Add them to cocktails and smoothies, flavour them with citrus zest or summer fruits and drink them cold or warm, neat or with a teaspoon of honey!




"Diet Survival Tea" iced mate with coconut water


Ingredients for 300ml

  • 1.5 tsp. mate leaves
  • ½ cup coconut water
  • 2-3 ice cubes


  1. Brew the mate tea in 150ml according to our instructions.
  2. Add some ice cubes to the mate and when it is cold enough, add the coconut water.






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