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10 MARCH 2019

Tea in the shades of Bio...


The popularity of organic farming has been gathering pace in recent years as has the production of organic, bio teas which shows respect to nature, plants and to human beings. Cultivation takes place often in smaller areas of land, which can be managed by farmers with little need for machines, using plant-natural factors to deal with diseases. While some worthy cultivations are certified by the relevant bodies, there are many others which also meet precisely the same criteria without them having received such certifications. This is often the case with very small tea producers who don’t have the means - time or information - to certify their crops in remote regions.  

The consumer’s frequent search for only certified organic products sadly excludes those tea producers who, while employing correct farming practices, cannot certify their crops for the reasons already cited. In the end, this situation can be overcome when the consumer simply puts their trust in the company which supplies them with tea. Teas and herbs at Tea Route, whether certified as organic or not, are selected by us where we apply the most rigorous criteria in terms of respect to nature as well as regarding the tea itself. 

Tea Route invites you to try our organically farmed pure and/or scented tea and herb mixtures:

Rajasthan Nights bio
Scented green tea (bio) which combines the subtle aromas of pineapple with the peel of citrus fruit and cinnamon. Sweet in flavour with a subtle spiciness, similar to lemon caramel, while the explosion of cinnamon around the edges of the mouth leaves a pleasant sensation on the palate.

Yunnan Pu’Er bio 
Superb quality Pu’Er tea (bio), which, following an accelerated fermentation process, takes on its characteristic sweet and earthy aromas with hints of freshly-cut wood and wet earth. Produced exclusively in the Yunnan province in south-west China from the leaves of the assamica variety.

Garden of Eden bio 
Delicate composition of bio flowers and herbs which remind us of calm, relaxing moments.  The aromas that dominate are chamomile, mint, lavender and fennel while these are complemented by orange blossom, rose petals, lemon balm as well as strawberry leaves and gooseberry leaves.  Sweet and pleasant to drink , with a long satisfying after taste.

Nature's Mosaic bio
A kaleidoscope of colours and tastes from bio fruit and herbs. Emerging first are the sweet flavours of apple, grape and gooseberry followed by the effervescent aromas of rosemary, blood orange and lavender. Enjoyed in equal measure either hot or cold, it will leave you with a sweet and cool after taste.
Bitter-sweet orange peel flavour and complement the earthy, nutty hints of bio rooibos. A cup with translucent, amber liqueur, leaving a re-vitalizing sensation in the drinker. Equally enjoyable hot or cold.



Scented chocolate truffles with Rooibos Orange bio  

350 gr. of finely chopped baking chocolate
150 gr. of thick cream (35% fat)
2 tablespoons Rooibos Orange bio  
30 gr. of cocoa powder
30 gr. of roasted sesame seeds 

1. Heat the cream in a small pan. Once it begins to come to the boil, add the 2 tablespoons of Rooibos Orange bio and lower the heat. Immerse the leaves for 15-20 seconds and remove.
2. Once the rooibos has been removed, add the cream, the baking chocolate and stir until the ingredients have formed a whole and the mixture has taken on a velvety texture.
3. Cover the mixture with plastic film and place it overnight in the fridge or in the freezer for at least 3 hours.
4. Bring the mixture to room temperature and shape it into truffles which you dip in the cocoa or sesame.


Good cooking! 





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