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Ti Kuan Yin 3rd grade

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€11.00 / 50 gr.
€22.00 / 100 gr.
zip lock bag
All day
1 tsp
5-6 min

The ‘Iron Goddess of Mercy’, perhaps the most famous Chinese oolong, comes from Anxi in Fujian Province. A low-oxidation spring tea, it is known for its elegant character and velvety body. It develops floral aromas of gardenia or green walnut, with undertones of sweet, melted butter.

  • happy Mood


  • floral Taste Profile


  • gardenia Aroma


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  • tea route
    Tea Route

    China Tip: Allow Ti Kuan Yin to unfold its complex character with multiple infusions. Use either more leaves with shorter infusion times, or the same quantity of leaves with lengthier infusions.

    tea route

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