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25 JULY 2017

Tea, all season's game


How about some delicious peach slices and a dollop of honey in your white tea? Maybe some peppermint leaves and a bit of lemon zest in your green tea? Some orange juice and ginger in your Rooibos Earl Grey tea perhaps? Whichever way you like it, freshly homemade iced tea is a must!!! It hydrates deeply, helps us stay in shape and cools the summer heat in the most delightful way!!

There are plenty of preparation methods... Steeped in hot water and diluted with ice, straight up with cool water, instant or from whole tea leaves, with fruit juice or pieces of fresh fruits, herbs, spices, and the sweetener of your choice, iced tea can be colourful, flavourful and the best alternative to the bottled iced teas available on the market...

The hundreds of different teas, sprawled like a white canvas, and you just have to let your imagination fly and create brews that without any compromise in the flavour, quench the thirst , help reduce stress and fuel the body with valuable nutrients such as antioxidants, polyphenols and catechins.


One of the most popular and easy ways to prepare tea is in instant form. At tearoute you can find the following flavours.

Also available are 3 new flavours sweetened with real stevia leaves:

  • Fitness with green tea, verbena and lemon balm
  • Energy with green tea, guarana and ginseng
  • Pure green with green tea

But if you are patient, choose the tea that suits your mood and prepare it cold by yourself! Experiment with the flavoured versions or go for your favourite pure origin teas prepared as iced teas. The Japanese greens, Chinese whites and some oolongs will particularly impress you, bearing so much sweetness and freshness. 

Iced tea preparation method: 

Even though it is common practice to prepare iced tea by brewing your tea leaves in hot water and then cooling it by adding ice, we suggest that for more pleasure, you brew your tea leaves directly in cool water. Here is how: 

1. Fill a 1-litre jug with water at room-temperature and steep in it 6-7tsp of tea leaves that you have put into a paper filter.

  • For green tea, let steep for 30' to 2 hours
  • For black, oolong and white tea, let steep for 45' to 4 hours
  • For fruit and herbal teas, let steep for 60' to 3 hours
2. Remove the filter, top up with ice cubes and whatever else you wish and enjoy! 


 Summer iced tea cocktail recipes to impress!

Red Berries smoothie


Ingredients for 1 person

  • 2 scoops of Red Berries instant tea
  • 200ml sprite or soda
  • 6-7 ice cubes
  • 2-3 spearmint leaves to serve


  1. Add all of the ingredients to a blender and blend away for about 1'.
  2. Serve in a tall glass and garnish with the spearmint leaves.

Iron Goddess Vodka (recipe adapted from the book THE TEA BOOK of Linda Gaylard) 


Ingredients for 2 persons

  • 3-4 tsp of Tie Guan Yin leaves
  • 240ml vodka
  • 1/3 cup orange juice
  • 1/2tsp orange bitters
  • Ice cubes
  • a few thin orange slices to garnish


  1. Rinse the tea leaves with hot water and strain immediately.
  2. Infuse the tea leaves in the vodka for 4-6 hours. Strain the infusion into a cocktail shaker, add the rest of the ingredients and shake vigorously for a few seconds.
  3. Serve into two glasses and garnish each with a slice of orange.

Iced Yin Zhen with summer fruits 


Ingredients for 2 persons



  • 4tsp of Yin Zhen tealeaves
  • 1 cup of minced summer fruits such as peaches, apricots and nectarines
  • 2tbs of brown sugar
  • Ice cubes
  1. Infuse the tealeaves for between 45' to 2 hours in 400ml of water at room-temperature.
  2. In the meanwhile, sprinkle the brown sugar over the fruits and let them soften and bring out their juices and aromas.
  3. When the infusion times has finished, strain and pour the tea in a half-liter jar where you have placed the fruits and their juices. Fill with ice, serve and enjoy!

Good luck!




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