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18 MAY 2018

The colours of spring


Spring is now well and truly sprung and the air is bursting with sweet smells. 
What could be a better time to steal a few moments for ourselves and beneath the blooming bows enjoy a revitalizing tea of flowers and fruits? 

Made exclusively from the most mouth-watering pieces of dried fruit and flowers and with no added sugars as they have their own natural sweetness of dried fruit, the mixtures of flowers and fruit make a healthy and delicious choice of brew for everyone, while at the same time they contain rich sources of vitamins and minerals to hydrate the organism.


The tea from flowers and fruit can be enjoyed by young and old alike as it contains no caffeine. Drink it cool or with plenty of ice in spring and summer to reinvigorate and cool, while in autumn and winter take it hot and aromatic to warm up and relax.  

At Tea Route we keep a large variety of fruit and flower mixtures for you to try so you can find the one that most suits the season and your mood.
Here we simply give you a nod in the direction of our favourite spring fruit and flower teas...

Rose buds  

Rose The most delicate and noble of all.  Fragrant rose buds which, beyond the pleasure principle, offer up notable therapeutic properties and flavour fabulous culinary concoctions, whether savoury or sweet. 

Song of the earth  

A composition joyful to the eye and to the palate. The Song of the earth is an exquisite combination of dried flowers, such as roses and chamomile and aromatic fruit like pear, crab apple and strawberries. A delicate and floral cup with sweet and sour aromas which bring spring to mind.

Alexandrine symphony  

All the freshness of Spring in our cup! Shades of fuchsia with aromas of strawberry and mint dominate with other cool ingredients such as raspberry, gooseberry, blackberry and rose petals... It is an especially revitalising brew whether you prepare hot or cold tea.

Red point  

Fresh, spring creation with dried fruit in the leading role. Hibiscus, dog rose and red raspberry with their intense character, impart acidity and balanced sharpness, which is assuaged by the sweet notes of apple, orange peel and mulberry leaves. Liquor of the colour of rose, leaving a sense of revitalisation.


Vivacious and effervescent composition of dried tropical and other fruit, such as papaya, mango, apple, pomegranate and orange which together with hibiscus flowers form a pleasing cup with intense touches of fuchsia. The sweet and sour aromas dominate and meld perfectly, whether enjoyed as hot or cold tea.






2.Rose water with dried rose petals.

A large glass vase with a wide rim
¼ of a cup or rose petals  
1 cup of hot but not boiling distilled water

1. Remove the stalks from the rose buds so that you've got rose petals.
2. Place the rose petals on a heat-resistant vase and pour hot but not boiling water on it.

3. Allow the mixture to settle and cool.

4. Strain the rose petals and keep in the fridge.

2. Rose oil

Fill up to 2/3 of a vase with dried rose buds and pour up to 3cm of virgin olive oil over the surface of the roses. Seal the vase well and leave it in a bright place for two to three weeks. Once this time has passed, remove the rose petals and strain the rose oil into a clean vessel. 



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