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11 APRIL 2019

Play with colors and flavors


Aromatizing tea leaves is a tricky and demanding art which beyond creating flavoursome blends also stirs emotions and memories. The story of flavouring and blending tea leaves with fruit, flower blossom, herbs, spices and essential oils is almost as old as tea itself, with the trailblazers being those who in any case discovered tea, the Chinese.
Any category of tea can be used as the basis for creating a flavoured tea, though green and black teas are the most popular. Among the most illustrious are jasmine-blossom scented green tea and Moroccan tea with Chinese Gunpowder mixed with spearmint leaves. As regards black teas, two of the most well-established classics are Earl Grey which,  with essential oil from bergamot peel, imparts its familiar cool, revitalizing aroma and, of course, Indian chai with its hot and piquant spices.
Maintaining the tradition it has long established in Greece, Tearoute creates blends of flavoured tea, each with its own unique character and its own aficionados. Our creative team is inspired by flavours and decides on the ingredients to be used, while blending specialists take on the practical part of creating the blends. 

Some hot, sweet, rich…others cool and fruity…and then there’s the classic like jasmine and bergamot and others again with herbs to bring out the Mediterranean in all its guises.
Here’s a taste of some of our own favourite flavoured teas with springtime in their step.

Green Cloud 
A bouquet of blossoming flowers in your very cup! Rose blossom and essential oils of bergamot and mango blend superbly with green tea to make a delicate, light cup with a long aftertaste.

Jasmin Chung Hao 
An aromatic tea, both delicate and flowery. Jasmine blossoms are mixed with the leaves of green tea, allowing it to absorb the aroma of the blossoms. After three days, the blossoms are separated and removed by hand one at a time.

Sons of Heaven 
A refined, blend of black tea with floral shades. Lemon and rose petal aromas dominate, while there are also hints of caramel. The mild sharpness of black tea perfectly balances the combination. A long aftertaste with the exotic fragrances of lychee and mango linger longest in the mouth. 

Rose of Chios 
Intensely aromatic, this is a blend with an air of nobility with its black-tea base it brilliantly combines the flavours of our tradition. Chios mastiha finds its perfect supporting cast in the sweet and sour notes of black pepper and rose petals together with the bitter richness of cocoa beans. A delightful bitter-sweet infusion leaving a lingering aftertaste of Chios mastiha.

Lady Grey
A lovely tea both to gaze upon and to drink. We chose a black tea from Keemun China as the base and flavoured it with bergamot essential oil. This is a brew that combines the woody taste of black tea with the lemony, sweet and sour aromas of citrus fruit, leaving a rejuvenating aftertaste that lingers.

Earth Song 
Earth Song is an exquisite wedding of dried flowers, such as roses and chamomile, and aromatic fruit such as pear, crab apple and strawberry. A delicate floral brew of sweet and sour aromas to remind us of Spring.






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