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Rectangular Yixing teapot Duan

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Yixing’s clay teapots, produced by master craftsmen, come from the town of the same name, in Jiangshu province. They are decorated in the traditional fashion, displaying flowers, fruit, bamboo shoots or complete scenes in fantastic patterns. This elegant classical teapot features yellow flowers on one side and leaves and bamboo cane on the other.

We recommend that you use Yixing teapots for just one type of tea (e.g. pu’er, black or oolong) since because of the clay’s porous surface, they have the property over time to absorb and retain the aromas of the teas that have brewed in them, eventually creating a patina which strengthens with each immersion.
To clean your teapot, use only hot water and leave it to dry. Never use detergents or polishing sponges.

Content: 0,3 L
Dimensions: 9,5 cm x 9,5 cm x 9,5 cm

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