Matcha on the Go

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Durable, insulated, Matcha green stainless steel bottle. The tearoute Matcha Thermos is the easiest everyday way to make matcha part of your life Elixir of life, Matcha is the ultimate superfood. You can drink it throughout the day, cold or hot, with pure water or with milk. Content:550ml Dimensions: 223mm x 75mm MATCHA prepared with the tearoute Matcha Thermos To fill the Matcha Thermos (500ml): 1. Pour a little hot water (70-80℃) into the thermos, add 2 scoops or 2,5 g Μatcha. 2. Secure the lid and shake vigorously 3. Open carefully, fill with cold or hot water, close and shake again. Your Μatcha is now ready! Don’t forget: Instead of water, you can add milk, dairy or non-dairy as preferred.

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