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22 JANUARY 2019

New teas


We welcome this New Year with the addition of six new teas to our collection. Visit one of our stores or our e-shop and enjoy two new warm, sweet blends with oolong, one with maple syrup and walnuts, the other with a creamy flavor. Discover a ‘rich’ organic chai with carob and dates, with a nod towards Crete, and a breezy white tea combined with such superfoods as cranberries and rose hip. Last but not least succumb to the temptation of two new organic compositions with Mediterranean herbs and fruits to be enjoyed all year round.

Cretan Chai
A festive, hearty blend of black tea, fruits and spices with a Mediterranean character. Carob and date pieces set the tone as well as the sweetness of the bouquet, while star anise, clove, cinnamon and ginger can be discerned in every sip.

Evening Maple
A blend  of warm and woody aromas with a highly oxidised oolong base. Maple syrup spreads its characteristic velvety favour with notes of caramelised sugar, flowers and vanilla, while walnut and almonds pieces impart an earthy dimension to the brew.  Each sip leaves an intense aftertaste of maple syrup, melted butter and honey.

Ivory Bough
A fruity, sweet blend with a white tea base. Gain the benefits of super foods such as cranberries, rose hip and white tea, enjoying a superbly tasty brew reminiscent of fruit juice. With cranberry and pineapple aromas dominating, dog rose and lemon verbena simple add aroma without acridity. 

Tea of Peran
A creamy, sweet blend with a touch of nostalgia. By using a highly oxidised Tie Guan Yin as its base together with such floral shades as jasmine and gardenia, this tea is perfectly matched with cinnamon pieces and touches of milk and sugar. Enjoy time and again  this bouquet  with its velvety and full texture. 

Aeolian Garden
A spicy, sweet and sour organic composition in which the exceptional marriage of anise seeds and fennel with raisins and hibiscus plays the leading role, accompanied by other Mediterranean ingredients such as apple, rose hip, basil, lavender blossoms and marigold petals.

Nature's Mosaic
A mosaic of colours and flavours from organic herbs and fruits. First to make their appearance are the sweet aromas of apple, raisins and sage, followed by the invigorating aromas of rosemary, blood orange and lavender. As delicious hot or iced, with a sweet and refreshing aftertaste


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