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Lemon balm, Melissa Officinalis organic

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€2.40 / 40 gr.
zip lock bag
All day
1,5 tsp
8-10 min

Endemic to Southern Europe and the broader Mediterranean region, lemon balm, with its leaves having a characteristic subtle lemony aroma, takes its name from the bees which are attracted to its blossom.

It is considered as the 'elixir to longevity' and not without reason, since it bestows vitality, repels anxiety and improves mood, while thanks to its strong anti-oxidant properties, lemon balm helps those on a diet. Lemon balm is ideal for students as it improves mental clarity, and also strengthens the memory and the ability to concentrate. Lastly, research has shown that lemon balm greatly reduces the healing time for cold sores.

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    Greece Our organic lemon balm is cultivated and picked at Margariti, Thesprotia, during the summer months.

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