Matcha Uji organic

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€12.00 / 30 gr.
zip lock bag
1/3 tsp

Superior quality tea in powder form which is traditionally used in the Japanese tea ceremony. The leaves are shade-grown for three weeks, whereby they take on their characteristic sweet flavour. Once harvested, their veins and stems are removed, and they are then stone-ground into powder. The more vivid and intense green in colour it is and the sweeter its flavour, the higher its quality and flavour profile become.
Matcha, exceedingly rich in antioxidants, vitamins and mineral elements, can be consumed daily as an energy drink.

Put 2 gr. or 1/3 of a teaspoonful of matcha in a large cup
Pour 70-100ml of water at a temperature of 75ºC in the cup and stir it with a shaker.
Add 200ml of water.
Matcha can be drunk hot or iced.

  • refreshing Mood


  • fresh Taste Profile


  • grassy Aroma


  • dark chocolate Food Pairing

    dark chocolate

  • tea route
    Tea Route

    Japan To make matcha: 1. Put 1/3 teaspoonful (2 g) of Matcha into a cup. 2. Add a little hot water and stir well. 3. When the mixture becomes frothy, add 200ml cold or hot (75° C) water. You can replace all or part of the water with milk.

    tea route

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