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Lu An Gua Pian

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€6.00 / 50 gr.
€12.00 / 100 gr.
zip lock bag
All day
1 tsp
2-3 min

An exceptional tea with an imperial past, from China’s Anhui Province. Only the second leaf on each branch is picked for this tea, which is how we get the slightly twisted, blue-tinted leaves that are all the same size. A velvety, thick liquor accompanied by aromas of chestnut, fresh almonds and roasted pumpkin seeds. A tea the quenches the thirst and leaves a sweet, floral, marigold-scented coating at the back of the throat.


  • refreshing Mood


  • nutty Taste Profile


  • freshly cut hay Aroma

    freshly cut hay

  • cookies Food Pairing


  • tea route
    Tea Route

    China In the name Lu an Gua Pian, ‘Lu’ refers to the region where the tea is grown and ‘Gua Pian’, which means ‘melon seeds’, signifies the oval, melon-seed-like shape the leaves have when they open up in hot water.

    tea route

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