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Mate calabash gourd, dark brown

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Dark coloured mate gourd from Argentina with a stainless-steel metallic ring around the top. A natural product, it is the traditional everyday recipient used in South America to prepare and drink mate.

To prepare mate:
The method of preparing the mate infusion varies from region to region. However, nearly all methods have some common elements. The beverage is traditionally prepared in a small recipient (gourd or wood), also called mate in which it is drunk through a metallic straw called bombilla. The gourd is filled, one-half to three-quarters, with yerba mate (the name of the dried mate tea) and then hot water (typically at 70–80°C, never boiling) is added. A little cool water may first be poured over the mate to be absorbed completely (which generally takes no more than two or three minutes). Once the hot water has been added, the mate is ready for drinking, and the gourd may be refilled many times, up to ten times or more depending on the quantity of yerba mate used and as long as it retains its flavor. Some drinkers like to add sugar or honey. Mate is traditionally drunk in a particular social setting, such as family gatherings or with friends and the gourd is passed around from one person to another.

Dimensions: Ø 7,5 cm x 9 cm, size and color can vary.

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