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Ice tea pitcher, green

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€27.00 / item
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With this especially designed Finum pitcher, iced tea is easy and quick to prepare. Fill it to just below the filter insert with ice cubes - or even better crushed iced. Put 5-6 teaspoons loose tea in to the filter, fill the pitcher with hot water, place the lid into the filter and let the tea brew.  When the tea is ready, turn the lid clockwise. Your iced tea is now ready to be served!
There is no need to remove the filter as Iced Tea Control pitcher is equipped with the award-winning brew-control mechanism that allows you to stop brewing process by isolating the leaves from the water with a simple turn of the lid. 
Available in two other colours  red/orange/green

Content: 1,8 L
Dimensions: Ø 14,8 cm x 22,5 cm

Not sure which tea suits you?Feeling lucky?

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