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Houjicha powder organic

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Though it is not apparent at first glance, houjicha is a green tea. More precisely, it is a unique type of Japanese green tea made with sencha or kukicha but mostly bancha leaves that are fired at 200°-300°C, a process to which it owes its rounded sweet taste and warm roasted aromas. Houjicha, literally roasted tea, was invented in 1920 in Kyoto and has since become a very popular beverage among the Japanese. When the leaves are fired, the bitterness is removed as well as a large amount of caffeine, making it safe even for small children and is typically enjoyed in the afternoon or evening.   Japan Houjicha Powder is perfect for the trendy drink Hojicha-Latte, for desserts, handmade ice cream as well as for baking. The powder has a sweet, slightly nutty roasted note that is a bit reminiscent of cappuccino.

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    Tea Route

    Japan Preparation: whisk one half teaspoon Houjicha powder with a little hot water. Top up with hot or cold water.

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