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20 OCTOBER 2019

The caffeine in our tea...


There are lots of questions and myths that muddy the waters (or tea) on the link between caffeine and let's take it up from the start and see how we can find a place for our favourite habit at any time of the day...
Theine vs caffeine...Call it what you will, they’re actually two different words for exactly the same thing!  It is however the term ‘caffeine’ that has prevailed. 

What is caffeine...? A natural pesticide and protector of plants, caffeine is a substance which acts as a stimulant on our nervous system. Thanks to its working in combination with L-Theanine, a miraculous amino acid, found only in tea which activates the brain's alpha wave, the caffeine in our tea mildly stimulates us, keeping our mind sharp over a number of hours, without leaving us feeling irritable or edgy.
How much caffeine does a cup of tea contain...?
So many factors affecting its content come into play here, and therefore precise figures on this cannot be given... For instance, the plant variety, the harvesting that followed, whether the leaves are picked at the beginning of spring or at the end of summer and the way the leaves have been processed are all factors which alter the content of caffeine in tea from one batch to the next and from one year to the next. It also depends on how we prepare our tea...the amount of leaves we use, the temperature of the water and the time the leaves are steeped, all alter the amount of caffeine in our cup.
Let’s bear in mind that...:
• One cup of tea contains on average between 1/2 and 1/3 of the caffeine in a cup of filter coffee...
• Caffeine is transparent when diluted in water. Consequently, the colour of tea in the cup or the tea category are not indicators of the caffeine content. 
• The more tips a tea has, the higher the caffeine content will be. 
• Herbal tea does not contain caffeine

Suggestions for caffeine for any time of the day!
For an early morning boost, rich in caffeine, a bowl of revitalising Matcha is just the ticket...Or grab your gourd and bombilla and brew a Mate !!! The preferred beverage of Latin Americans will give you that energy hit to keep you buzzing for ages!
As evening approaches...drink a Japan Bancha or a Green Japan Kukicha ... Selections with very little or no caffeine will hydrate and relax you. 
And if for medical or other reasons (for instance, low tolerance), you steer clear of caffeine, Tearoute offers a wide range of herbal teas, organic and non-organic, gathered by small-scale producers throughout Greece.
Alternative suggestion; Rooibos ... Be it plain or flavoured, the traditional beverage of South Africa is entirely caffeine-free, and is the best choice for children, expectant mothers and whoever seeks a new and interesting flavour in their cup! 




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