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12 MAY 2023

Gong Fu Cha




Gong Fu Cha translates as the Chinese tea ceremony but it is more of an art with stages and actions-movements that go towards making a tea in the best way. The true essence of Gong Fu Cha also lies in enjoying the tea through smell, taste, touch and sight. This practice can be considered a form of meditation and art. 

The tea is steeped in small concentrated amounts and the same leaves are steeped several times. In each steeping we clearly discern the changes in taste, gradually discovering all the nuances in flavour of the tea we drink.

Procedure for performing Gong Fu Cha  

1. Rinse and preheat the teapot and cups by pouring hot water into the teapot, then from the teapot into the small container and finally into the cups. Finish by throwing away the water  

2. Place the tea leaves in the teapot and close it to steep. Then smell the leaves which will have acquired a much more intense aroma  

3. Pour the water over the leaves in the teapot. You can "wash" them by throwing away that first water at 5 seconds. Now you are ready for the first steeping  

4. Never use boiling water, let it cool a bit depending on the tea you are tasting. After pouring the water into the teapot, gently shake it in circular motions. Cover the pot.  You can pour some hot water on the teapot to keep it warm. The infusion time is very short 10-15 seconds. This time increases with each new infusion. 

5. Pour the tea into the small pot and from there pour it into the separate cups. Drink your cup immediately without letting it cool  

6. Pour more water onto the leaves, each time increasing the infusion time. Repeat this process until the aromas of the tea have faded. When you're done, examine and smell the leaves one last time. 

7. Finally, clean the teapot and other accessories. Never use dish-washing liquid for porous teapots, so-called "memory" teapots.  

The accessories  



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