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Fairy Lady

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For centuries the Chinese have been weaving tea into the most extraordinary shapes, some of them requiring dozens of leaves. Hidden inside them are flowers that gradually open in the water. These are traditionally made in the remote villages dotting the Huang mountains, in the southern part of the province of Anhui. When the Fairy Lady ball opens up, a column of jasmine emerging out of a lily is revealed.

Ηow to prepare blooming tea: 1. Heat 400ml water to 80ο C (it should not boil) 2. Place the tea ball in a glass teapot and rinse with a little amount of hot water. Disgard the water. 3. Pour the hot water into the pot. The tea ball will slowly begin to open up and reveal the flowers hidden inside. 4. You can re-use the ball 3 or 4 times within a short time.  

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    Tea Route

    China Tip! Use a wide, glass teapot so that you can enjoy the tea ball while unfurling and forming in the warm water...

    tea route

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