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Darjeeling Emerald Green – Arya Tea Garden 2022

P. Code: 40950

€9.00 / 50 gr.
€18.00 / 100 gr.
zip lock bag
1 tsp
2-3 min

The ultimate in green teas from very closely guarded clonal bushes selected from within the Estate's plantation. The gently rolled dry leaves yield a fresh, naturally sweet cup with floral and vegetal notes. The liquor is pleasantly astringent with a milder grassy character than that of most green teas. A premium tea with the typical honey-sweetness of Darjeeling Spring teas and the delightful aroma of mountain flowers.

  • refreshing Mood


  • floral Taste Profile


  • mountain flowers Aroma

    mountain flowers

  • sea food risotto Food Pairing

    sea food risotto

  • tea route
    Tea Route

    Arya Originally known as Sidrabong, the Arya Tea Estate was established in 1885 by Buddhist monks who devoted themselves, among their other duties, to developing and cultivating different varieties of Chinese tea trees.

    tea route

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