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Darjeeling FOP Gold - Singbulli Tea Garden 2022

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€9.50 / 50 gr.
€19.00 / 100 gr.
zip lock bag
1 tsp
4 min

Long, well-twisted, slender blackish-Chocolate color leaves with a scattering of majestic silvery & golden buds with pubescence and some bright green leaf cuttings.
This year’s Singbulli Second Flush FOP Gold is amazing, well-balanced with an amber-hued liquor. The light-bodied, smooth cup yields sweet, floral and candied citrus peel notes right from the start, followed by fruity and woody aromas and a flowery aftertaste.


  • refreshing Mood


  • floral Taste Profile


  • citrus peel notes Aroma

    citrus peel notes

  • Fruit salad Food Pairing

    Fruit salad

  • tea route
    Tea Route

    Singbulli Originally established in 1924 by British planters, Singbulli “Home of the birds” tea estate is one of the most recent Darjeeling plantations. The garden is spread over the picturesque Mirik valley, at altitudes exceeding 1000 mI. The new Tea management is very active in ecological upgradation and maintaining bio-diversity at the garden and has initiated various programmes for soil conservation and environmental protection. The garden management plants different types of grasses, leguminous crop, short height shrubs and tall trees in the fallow land all along the boundaries of the sections and in vacant patches. The estate has Fair Trade certification, DUTCH HACCP by SGS and is 100% organic certified by IMO Control.

    tea route

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