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04 DECEMBER 2018

Christmas tea time


The festive season with all its joy and sparkle is upon us once again.  Let's take the chance to be with our loved ones round the hearth or at the table and exchange thoughts about the passing year and the one to come. As with every year, there is no better company for your gatherings than a festive, Xmas tea from Tearoute. Allow those alluring aromas and subtle flavours to help you share your thoughts and feelings, your reminiscences and plans with your cosy company.   

Find your favourite Xmas blends at our stores and on our website together with some surprising new creations to provide some sweet fragrances to your hours of relaxation. Create your own Christmas ambience, either alone or in company, with our green, white or black teas combined with dried citrus fruits, spices and aromatic plants and herbs, with nuts, chocolate and hazelnut praline as well as with our non-tea mixtures. 

Christmas Stars
A Christmas concoction based on black tea embellished in taste and looks by candy snowflakes. The mouth is deluged by the bitter-sweet aromas of cocoa-bean peel and candied almonds, while the scattered pink peppercorns give it that necessary intensity. It reminds us of candy, almond liqueur and dark chocolate and will accompany our special festive gatherings marvelously.

Christmas Tea
Green tea, green mate and green coffee beans: a powerful triptych that due to its really high antioxidant content and caffeine levels, will energise your body and your mood and will become the perfect ally to losing weight, accompanied with the sweet, delightful aroma coming from the chamomile buds.

Santa's Cookies
All the fine scents of Christmas in one cup! The hot aromas of hazelnut praline and chocolate flakes blend together perfectly with the bitter, intensely fragrant cocoa-bean peel on a Sencha green-tea base. A tea that leaves an extremely long aftertaste to fill your home with the smell of cookies just out of the oven.

White Christmas
An aristocratic blend with a Bai Mu Dan white tea base; an ideal accompaniment at Christmas time. This sweet and nutty brew is a perfect combination of winter fruit, spices and nuts: apple, orange, rose hip, cardamom, star anise and almonds.

Green Christmas tea
A blend that embraces the warm aromas of Christmas. A green sencha flavoured with orange peel, almonds, rose petals and pieces of cinnamon, clove, cardamom and star anise. A tea that goes wonderfully with the festive season’s sweet treats and leaves you with a persistent aroma of citrus fruit and star anise in the mouth.

Christmas in Vienna
A rich blend of dried fruit and spices that brings back to life the splendour of this storybook capital city. A brew with a deep red colour from hibiscus and rose hip. A sour and slightly spicy flavour offset by the sweet aromas of raisin, apple, grape, cinnamon, almond and dried tropical fruit such as papaya, mango and pineapple.




And now, here are 2 cold weather cocktail recipes. One with fruit tea and rum guaranteed to warm everybody up and another one that truly captures the essence of a snowy Christmas 


Christmas Vienna Tea cocktail 

2 tsp Christmas in Vienna
50 ml rum
2 tsp honey

Steep the tea for 10 minutes in 200 ml boiling water and strain. 
Add rum and honey. 
Stir well and serve

Hot milk toddy with matcha and white chocolate

250 – 300 ml milk (cow’s milk or soy)
4-5 squares white chocolate (40 – 50 g)
1tsp matcha green tea

Heat the milk in a saucepan, add chocolate squares and stir until totally dissolved. 
Put matcha powder in a large mug, add a little of the milk mixture and stir well.
Pour-in remaining milk.
If you wish top-up with a dollop of whipped cream






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