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14 NOVEMBER 2019

At Tearoute, Greek herbs release their fragrances...


Aromas and smells that set off the memory. And conjure up images of a life we sweetly pine for. 
Unfading blossoms from Greek Mountain Tea, two pinches of fresh chamomile, unashamedly aromatic linden tea and two leaves of strict sage. Two pinheads of clove drowning in the bubbling water in the pan over the gas...A brew wrapped in 'family recollection'...but also in the bouquet imparted by sage and thyme in a Cycladic summer.     

A cup of tea, perhaps? 

At Tearoute the list of Greek herbs is long. With the right care, out of sunlight, wind and dust, they retain their rich fragrance and many of their properties, some magical! 

We have selected in the category Herbal teas, sub-category Wellness teas:
A perfectly balanced natural blend of nettle, fennel, thyme, sage, chamomile, Greek mountain tea, linden, apple, ideal for detoxing your body. 

 While the nastiness lurking in the backyards for unsuspecting kids, the stinging nettle, though causing unending itching on bare legs, returns as one of the most precious herbs.
A diuretic beverage, vital in cases of nephritis, cystitis and gallstones. Also of benefit for arthritis, rheumatism as well as hair, while also boosting the liver. Recommended for detoxing the body. Furthermore it acts as to clean the blood and helps in reducing sugar levels in the blood. Containing as it does a high iron content, it helps in combating anaemia, rickets and when the body needs a boost. Code 40570
Nettles are gathered for Tearoute by our own Maria, one of the independent herb producers collaborating with us with gusto all over Greece.

Our own people - Mrs Maria of the Herbs, Thesprotia

Maria, while hiking around the mountains of Thesprotia twelve years back, was enthused by the wonderful aromas emanating from mountain tea and oregano. Each new walk revealed a new herb. Her interest being stoked up and wanting to learn more about the flora of her region - of which she talks with pride - she bought herself a book on aromatic plants. And, like Alice in Wonderland, she entered a marvellous place, where she worked her magic to become the first to cultivate organic aromatic plants. A bundle of energy and a youthful 60-year old, she adores the sunset above the thousands of plants of lemon verbena, lemon balm and oregano, and chuckling adds: 'They ask me which herb I drink to stay so young... Love and zest for that with so much sweat and toil I try to do is what keeps me young..' 

Herbal toning lotion for the hair

1 tablespoon of dried herbs, such as nettle, calendula, chamomile, sage, (you can use just one herb or all of them together)
1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice
1. Place the herb(s) in a bowl and add 500ml of boiling water.
2. Add the apple cider vinegar or lemon juice and leave it for 10-15 minutes.
3. Strain and allow the beverage to stand until at room temperature.
4. Using this give your freshly washed hair a last rinse.



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