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09 JANUARY 2023

The matcha ritual




The quintessence of Japanese culture!

In the 16th century, green tea ceremonies originating from China were adapted to Japanese culture and have since formed an integral part thereof. The point of the tea ceremony is to put your heart into it, or as the Japanese say, kokoro ire. Respect and mutual appreciation among guests, emphasis on the value of freedom and purity of spirit, the pursuit of material simplicity, the harmonious coexistence of the participants with nature and inner peace are the key elements of this ceremony. 
Matcha tea is used for the Japanese tea ceremony. Matcha is powdered green tea leaves. Visit our website for more information on this tea.



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The ritual (wabi-cha)

The utensils needed for the matcha ceremony include a set consisting of a bowl, a tea scoop and a bamboo tea whisk, as well as hot water for the tea.

The ceremony takes place in a hut used exclusively for this purpose in the far end of the garden. A stone-paved path leads to a tank with cool water for cleaning one’s hands and mouth, and symbolises the transition from the material to the spiritual world. The water purifies body and soul, and the low gate leading to the tea room forces participants to bend down in order to enter the ceremony room, rendering them all humble and equal to each other.

The ceremony is attended by a few guests who, having washed their hands and mouths and having removed their shoes, enter the ceremony room after the host / master of the ceremony hits the gong, and they sit on the floor according to the seating arrangements, either on their knees in the seiza position (yoga position) or cross-legged. The host then greets each guest in person, prepares and wipes, with a symbolic silk fabric in the presence of all the guests, the necessary tea utensils with harmonious and calm movements, while guests are required to remain silent so as not to disturb the peace and spiritual atmosphere of the ceremony. He then leads them down the way of the tea (chado) and turns them into tea people (chajin). This process symbolically encourages self-knowledge, harmony, peace and mutual respect.

 This is followed by the standard process of preparing the tea. The matcha powder is mixed into the boiled water with the help of the bamboo whisk and as soon as the tea is ready, the host initially offers it to his first guest, usually a guest of honour, who takes the first sip and after he wipes the rim of the bowl, passes it on to the next guest. It passes from hand to hand to the remaining guests. Each guest receiving the bowl lifts it up to admire it and compliment the host. Once they have all drunk from the same bowl, the last guest places it on the mat in front of the host, marking the end of the ceremony.


The tea ceremony in your daily routine 

All you need to do is find a little time in your daily routine and dedicate it to yourself in order to prepare and enjoy a cup of matcha tea. This is a wonderful and effective way to give yourself a boost, relieve stress and feel calm and tranquil by drawing strength from this unique beverage. 
Our matcha teas and ceremony utensils are always available to lift you up to a higher energy level and give you a sense of absolute peace and pleasure. 




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