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03 MAY 2020

This summer, nothing will be the same….


So, why don’t you change your habits also? Tearoute’s Instant Matcha Ice Teas contain Matcha green tea and 0% sugar, only stevia.
Make them your new energizing and refreshing summer drink for everyday enjoyment.

Following Matcha Detox with dandelion, nettle and cucumber and Matcha Energy with guarana, ginger and pomegranate, Teroute brings to you Matcha Fitness with sage, mint and lime.


Welcome your new favourite healthy habit with a simple stir of the spoon...

If you wish to enhance Instant Matcha flavours try out these refreshing combinations:

Serve Matcha Detox with a slice of cucumber or grapefruit and a sprig of coriander leaves.

Serve Matcha Energy with a slice of peach and some basil leaves or add some red berries such as strawberry or blackberry.

Serve Matcha Fitness with a slice of lime and a sprig of mint leaves.


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