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  Rectangular Yixing teapot Duan
Model: 10009

€125.00 / piece

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Yixing clay teapots were traditionally often decorated with whimsical themes such as flowers, fruits, bamboo trees or exterior scenes. This elegant classical teapot features yellow flowers on one side and leaves and bamboo cane on the other. 9,5 cm x 9,5 cm x 9,5 cm

Nutritional information
1gr. tea/100ml water
Energy <4KJ/100ml, <1kcal/100ml
Fat <0,1g/100ml
of which saturated fat <0,1g/100ml
Carbohydrate <0,1g/100ml
of which sugars <0,1g/100ml
Protein <0,1g/100ml
Dietary fiber 0
Salt <0,01g/100ml