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  High blood pressure Gaba tea
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An oolong tea from Taiwan, particularly helpful in combating high blood pressure, reducing and managing stress and improving sleep and concentration. Fermented in a nitrogen-rich environment, the pearls yield a brew in which the fruity aromas of apricot and banana blend with spices such as cinnamon as well as some woody notes.

In Japan, where fermentation in a nitrogen-rich environment was discovered by Dr Tsushida Tojiro, there are many other GABA-enriched foods available, other than tea, including rice, sweets and soft drinks.


Nutritional information
1gr. tea/100ml water
Energy <4KJ/100ml, <1kcal/100ml
Fat <0,1g/100ml
of which saturated fat <0,1g/100ml
Carbohydrate <0,1g/100ml
of which sugars <0,1g/100ml
Protein <0,1g/100ml
Dietary fiber 0
Salt <0,01g/100ml