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  Sencha Vanilla
Model: 40167

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A marriage between green sencha and tropical vanilla gives off caramelised aromas of whiskey and tobacco leaves. A brew with orange sunset hues that will win your heart with its velvety and creamy texture. An all-time favourite with depth and character!

The vanilla bean comes from the vanilla plant, a member of the orchid family. After it is harvested, almost nine months have to pass before its pods gain their dark brown colour and fully-developed aromas.


Nutritional information
1gr. tea/100ml water
Energy <4KJ/100ml, <1kcal/100ml
Fat <0,1g/100ml
of which saturated fat <0,1g/100ml
Carbohydrate <0,1g/100ml
of which sugars <0,1g/100ml
Protein <0,1g/100ml
Dietary fiber 0
Salt <0,01g/100ml