Tea Caddy

The long Tea-Caddy bags made of natural fibres provide plenty of room for the tea to unfurl in the teapot and develop its characteristic flavour.


Tea Caddy presentation box for 7 varieties  
Width 45 cm, Height 13 cm, Depth 23 cm  Weight: 2,730kg
Available in 3 colours: mahogany, beech and wenge


Characteristics and benefits
The Tea-Caddy is child?s play to serve while the service personnel can quickly read all about the tea on the label and pass the information on to your guests.
Each TeaCaddy is perfectly portioned for a 400ml pot allowing you to control the quantity used, and the tag is simply hooked around the pot handle so no metal clip is necessary.


Tea Caddy display box for 7 varieties
Width 43 cm, Height , Depth 28,5 cm
Available in 3 colours: mahogany, beech and wenge


With the Tea-Caddy selection of exquisite loose teas in a perfectly portioned large tea filter, you can offer your guests high quality service for breakfast or from room service as well as in the Lobby Bar.
Your guests can read all the necessary information about the variety they have chosen on the label in 10 different languages, and the quality of the tea is just as perfect as with loose tea.


Tea Caddy presentation box for 3varieties  
Width 19 cm, Height 10,5 cm, Depth 21 cm, Weight: 1,980kg.
Available in 3 colours: mahogany, beech and wenge


TeaCaddy is available in a range of 15 varieties:


Black tea
40027 Spring Darjeeling Nurbong
A first plucking from the southern slopes of the Himalayas with a gentle, delicately flowery aroma.

40030 English Breakfast
A full-bodied typical Ceylon tea with a tangy richness and sparkling flavour.


Green tea
40065 Greenleaf
An elegant estate tea from the highlands of India with a pronounced delicately flowery aroma.

40066 Green Dragon
Delicate leaf buds picked by hand for this rare, mildly tart and refreshing tea.


Flavoured black tea
40149 Earl Grey
An elegant Darjeeling tea with the subtle flavour of bergamot.


Flavoured green tea
40188 Jasmine Tea
The sweet flavour of freshly plucked jasmine petals blended with delicate China tea.

40187 Morgentau
A tea creation with large leafed Sencha and delicate aromas of exotic fruits and flowers.


Flavoured white tea
Pear and Peach
Refreshingly fruity – the scintillating, characteristic sweetness of pear with a note of ripe peaches.   

Flavoured Oolong tea
Oriental Oolong
A gentle Oolong tinged with the succulent aroma of strawberry and pineapple from the lulo fruit and laced with the sweet mildness of dates.


Flavoured herbal tea
40284 Fitness Tea
A cool and revitalising herbal infusion with Rooibos and refreshing ingredients such as mint and anise.    

40285 Cream Orange
A full-bodied Rooibos from South Africa with a creamy and delicate vanilla flavour and the pep of ripe oranges.


Flavoured white tea
40222 Sweet Berries
A creation with the startling taste of ripe berries with large pieces of fruit and real juices.


Herbal tea
40234 Mint and Fresh
The relaxing flavour of mint with a new dimension in freshness with lemon grass.

40447 Verveine Balance
An unusual digestive and soothing tea with many essential oils and the delicate taste of lemons.

40235 Fruity Camomile
A deliciously wholesome infusion with the gentle sweetness of orange petals.