LeafCup is a long filter individually wrapped in film packaging in order to keep the flavour in, containing 2gr of tea suitable for one cup.


Characteristics and benefits
Ready-portioned exquisite leaf tea, produced the orthodox way, is sealed in a filter bag made from natural fibres that allow the leaves to rapidly and completely unfurl and release their own special flavour.
The aroma safe packaging protects the tea completely, no matter where it?s stored and for how long.


LeafCup banquet display for 6 varieties
Length: 28cm, Height: 18cm, Width: 19cm, Weight: 1,05kg
Available in 3 colours: mahogany, beech and wenge.

It has instructions on how to make the tea on the packet in 8 languages and is straightforward to use by simply hooking the label onto the cup handle.
The self-explanatory pictograms make work easy even for unskilled staff while the various colours help them to safely recognise the tea varieties.


LeafCup high display for 12 boxes
Length: 36cm, Height: 74cm, Width: 36cm
Available in 3 colours: mahogany, beech and wenge.


With LeafCup you can offer your guests high quality leaf tea in a cup or a mug.

LeaCup is available in a range of 12 varieties:


Black tea
40499 Classic Darjeeling
Fine summer plucking from the Himalayas with the typical bouquet of a Darjeeling.

40453 Classic English Breakfast
Gentle Ceylon tea with the unmistakeable sparkling and lively flavour.

40500 Classic Assam
Highly aromatic broken tea with the typical malty and spicy flavour of an Assam.


Green tea
40455 Classic Green Tea
A rare pleasure for tea connoisseurs when the typical light tartness of green tea joins with a flurry of freshness.


Flavoured black tea
40454 Classic Earl Grey
The fruity freshness of bergamot elegantly melded with a full-bodied autumn Darjeeling.

40509 Chai
A strong blend from Assam with its famously exotic and powerfully hot ingredients


Flavoured green tea
40456 Classic Morning Dream
An outstanding creation with the richness of Sencha and delicate flower petals from exotic fruits.


Flavoured white tea
40506 Fruity White
A lively tea, full of surprises and fruity freshness with the arresting flavour of pears and peaches.


Herbal tea
40501 Wellness
Fresh and invigorating herbs such as spearmint, fennel, liquorice, cinnamon and lemongrass, combined with South African rooibos afor a perfect final touch to the flavour..

40457 Ayuverda
A highly aromatic infusion packed with energy and freshness with herbs and other feel-good ingredients such as ginger, liquorice, verbena, camomile, pepper and cinnamon.

Flavoured herbal tea
40458 Roibos Orange
Lively oranges and soft vanilla lend this powerful South African Rooibos an interestingly fruity but delicate note.


Flavoured fruit tea
40495 Fruit Power
Beautifully sweet berries spread their heady aroma over native fruits for that extra power.


40497 Refreshing Mint
The lemony freshness of lemon grass teamed with the powerful flavour of peppermint makes for cool relaxation.

40496 Sweet Camomile
The subtle fruitiness of orange blossoms floats over the sweetly tart flavour of camomile.

40503 Verveine
An unusual digestive and relaxing tea with many essential oils and the delicate taste of lemons.