Teavelope tea bags are the perfect quality solution for the hotel breakfast buffet as well as for serving tea in cafes.


Teavelope presentation box for 12 varieties
Available in 3 colours: mahogany, beech and wenge.
Width: 45cm, Height: 11cm, Depth: 20cm, Weight: 2,730kg


Teavelope is a very practical solution for banqueting and in-room tea making allowing hotel guests to prepare their favourite a cup of tea at any time.
Teavelope can be offered in a display box on the breakfast buffet, a bar, or in small open porcelain boxes on the tables in the breakfast area.
Alternatively, a selection of varieties can be presented to your guests in a wooden box directly at their table.


Porcelain Teavelope holder
Length: 7,5cm, Height: 4cm, Width: 5,5cmkg


Each Teavelope is individually wrapped in a protective environmently friendly material. Flavour and taste are sealed inside and external tastes or smells cannot penetrate within. The tea always retains its naturally delicate flavour.


Teavelope display box for 6 varieties
Width: 23cm, Height: 10cm, Depth: 20cm, Weight: 1,320kg
Available in 3 colours: mahogany, beech and wenge.


One 1,5gr tea bag is suitable for one cup or a small 200ml teapot. The large-pored filter paper ensures that the tea is completely immersed in the water allowing its flavour to perfectly unfold.
The string is knotted, with no metal clips, and thanks to the robust tag your guests always know which tea they are enjoying.


Open Teavelope display box for 16 varieties
Width: 30cm, Height: 18cm, Depth: 30cm, Weight: 1,800kg
Available in 3 colours: mahogany, beech and wenge


Also available for 6 varieties
All Teavelope packaging is international. Everything you need to know about the tea appears in German, English, French, Russian, Arabic and Japanese languages. Preparation advice is also shown pictorially to satisfy the needs of all international customers.


Stainless steel modular Teavelope display for 5 or 10 boxes
Per module: Width: 40,5cm, Height: 23cm, Depth: 18,5cm


Teavelope comes in18 varieties

Black tea

40047 English Breakfast
A dark typical Ceylon with a tangy richness and sparkling flavour from the Uva district.

40049 Assam Irish Breakfast  
A malty summer plucking full of flavour.

40048 Darjeeling  
A richly aromatic summer quality from the highlands of the Himalayas.


Decaffeinated black tea
40213 Decaffeinated
A lively Sumatra that has been especially gently decaffeinated so that you can really relax while enjoying the full flavour of the light caffeine-free tea.

Green tea
40070 Classic Green bio
Organically grown premium quality green tea with a fresh, delicate sweetness together with a breath of summer tartness.


Flavoured black tea
40156 Earl Grey  
A precious Darjeeling blended with the lemony flavour of fresh bergamot, strong and intensive.

40242 Caramel Peach bio  

Organically grown black tea flavoured with peach and caramel


Flavoured green tea
40193 Jasmine Tea  
Delicate jasmine petals diffuse their fragrance over a summer China tea.

40435 Green Angel bio  
A gentle organically grown Sencha with its typical tartness and the sweet, juicy flavour of pears and peaches.

Flavoured fruit tea
40228 Red Berries  
The sweet fragrance of ripe berries lend this tea its precious, summer fruity flavour.

40229 Lemon Sky  
A fruity explosion of freshness: sparkling, refreshing and lemony all at the same time.

Flavoured herbal tea
40293 Mountain Herbs  
A harmonious blend of roibos, cinnamon, orange amd liquorice with a gentle, refreshing note of lemongrass and mint.

40295 Winterdream    
Roibos with the wonderfully spicy caramel taste of winter.

40294 Roibosh Vanilla  
Delicate vanilla lends a rich taste to this wholesome South African herbal infusion.

Herbal tea
40242 Verbena  
An unusual tea with many essential oils and the delicate taste of lemons.

40239 Peppermint  
A peppermint tea that really refreshes and relaxes with natural menthol.

40241 Silverlime Blossom  
Delicate blossoms, mild, creamy and honey-sweet.

40240 Camomille
A wholesome and soothing herb, with its characteristic tangy aromatic flavour..