Flavoured teas

In the summer, when the lotus began to bloom, Yun would enclose some tealeaves in a small gauze bag, which she placed inside a lotus blossom in the evening before it closed. In the morning, when the lotus re-opened, she would remove the bag.
Then, with fresh spring water, she would prepare a tea with a fragrance of exquisite delicacy.

Sheng Fu

Flavoured teas have a long history in China. These teas, intended as gifts for the emperor, were scented mainly with jasmine, rose, orchid, orange blossom, magnolia, lotus and chrysanthemum (also called Chinese chamomile).

The quality of a flavoured tea depends primarily on the selection of the tea to be flavoured, the flavouring process and the materials used. An exceptionally fine Chinese tea flavoured with jasmine will go through ten stages before it is considered ready.

The flavoured teas at The Tea Route

At The Tea Route, our basic criterion for the creation of a flavoured tea is the use of familiar everyday flavours from the Mediterranean repertory of fragrances, in combinations that will highlight and enhance each one.
The herbs, flowers and fruits of the Mediterranean and selected spices find a natural place in blends of flavoured teas.
Chamomile, lavender, sage, rosemary, as well as cinnamon, cardamom, clove, along with lemon, orange, bergamot and richly fragrant blossoms like those of the rose and jasmine, are paired with the black, green and white teas of the gardens of the Far East.

Tea absorbs odours very easily, which means that all the different flavours, single or blended, can be created from fruits, flowers and spices.
The Tea Route offers you only naturally flavoured teas.


Earl Grey

These teas were named after Lord Grey, the British Prime Minister who in 1833 abolished the East India Company’s price-fixing monopoly for tea, who liked to drink his tea with a slice of bergamot.


Jasmine scented tea

This tea is a centuries-old tradition in China, and the first of all flavoured teas. The manner of preparation, the quality of the flavouring and the variety of tea used vary immensely, for we find white, green and Oolong teas flavoured with jasmine.