Saint Petersburg
Saint Petersburg

Blend of Keemun leaf teas and Chinese leaf buds from the Anhui region. Light sweetness and very low tannic acid.

€4.40 / 100 gr

China Bai Mu Dan
China Bai Mu Dan
One of the best-known and most popular varieties of white tea, its name means "white paeony". The broad, open leaves, m...

€4.80 / 50 gr

  • Tea timer
    Tea timer

    Battery operated tea timer to ensure correct brewing time for optimum results. With magnet and stand-clip, battery included. 5 cm x 6 cm

    €11.00 / piece
  • Silver-plated measuring spoon
    Silver-plated measuring spoon

    Silver-plated measuring spoon. One spoonful tea per cup.

    €6.00 / piece
  • Ronnefeldt tea timer
    Ronnefeldt tea timer

    Three minute acrylic tea timer with the Ronnefeldt Tea company colors and logo. The blue liquid “sand” runs up instead of down....

    €13.00 / piece