White Mosaic
White Mosaic
A blend in which the entire collection of spices used in baking is beautifully set off by the sour and highly aromatic citrus pee...

€7.00 / 100 gr

Golden Triangle
Golden Triangle

An exotic combination of nutty bamboo leaves and all the fruits to be found ripening in nearby groves. Perfect for iced tea

€6.20 / 100 gr

  • Ice tea pitcher
    Ice tea pitcher

    This robust pitcher should be filled to just below the filter insert with ice cubes - or even better crushed iced. Pour in hot water to fil...

    €27.00 / piece
  • Chado

    The explosive combination of spearmint, lemongrass and lemon peel flavours the green tea whose base is a blend of sencha and gunpowder. Ref...

    €4.80 / 100 gr
  • Red Berries
    Red Berries

    Instant tea with a blend of red berries and a little sugar, reminiscent of the traditional Greek vyssinada (black cherry juice). Perfect fo...

    €11.00 / piece