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Large 0,35L porcelain mug Red geisha
Large 0,35L porcelain mug Red geisha
Large double-walled 0,35L porcelain mug with stainless steel strainer and lid in a gift box, featuring a red geisha.
€18.00 / piece
Sencha Kombucha
Sencha Kombucha
A blend of green tea, kombucha, lemongrass, sweet blackberry leaves and acorus calamus complemented by the delicate flavour of plums. The Kombucha fungus is a symbiosis of differ...
€5.20 / 100 gr
Treasury of the Maya
Treasury of the Maya
With whole pieces of chocolate, a uniquely flavourful tea.
€4.60 / 100 gr
NEW Japanese porcelain teapot and 4 cups Ozaka
NEW Japanese porcelain teapot and 4 cups Ozaka
Five piece Japanese tea set consisting of a teapot with a stainless steel infuser and four cups. Dark blue with a wide horizontal band feat...
€55.00 / piece
Four Red Berries
Four Red Berries
A cheery melange of strawberry, cherry, raspberry and red currant.
€4.60 / 100 gr
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The herbs of Greece
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Discover Greece's herbal teas, the regions where they are cultivated, their benefits and their properties......
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NEW Chinese tea ceremony wooden tea measure
NEW Chinese tea ceremony...
Long leaf-shaped wooden tea measure. Length 15cm...
€15.00 / piece

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