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Because in summer you want to be sure to stay slim and fit, we have created a refreshing instant iced green tea with verbena, lemon balm and lemon grass guaranteed to make the hot...
€11.40 / piece
Wellness tea
Wellness tea
An explosively flavourful health cocktail, with a rich blend of ingredients for a feeling of total rejuvenation. Hibiscus, apple, orange, tangerine, carrot, eucalyptus, blackberr...
€4.30 / 100 gr
Roibos Afar
Roibos Afar
A healthy combination of sun-dried unfermented green roibos with carrot, apple, lemon balm and citrus fruits.
€4.30 / 100 gr
Four Red Berries
Four Red Berries
A cheery melange of strawberry, cherry, raspberry and red currant.
€4.60 / 100 gr
Oolong with ginseng
Oolong with ginseng
This premium ginseng is from the Chinese province of Hainan and is based on high quality green Oolong rolled into smallnuggets and dusted w...
€7.60 / 100 gr
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Green Pu'Er cubes
Green Pu'Er cubes...
Small compressed green Pu’her cubes. The tea was harvested in March 2010 from wild tea trees, ...
€16.00 / 100 gr

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