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Silver thermal jug
Silver thermal jug
Elegant stainless steel double-walled thermal jug. Easy to use, it will keep your tea hot for 24 hours and iced up to 36.
€52.00 / piece
The Golden Triangle
The Golden Triangle
An exotic combination of nutty bamboo leaves and all the fruits to be found ripening in nearby groves. Perfect for iced tea
€5.20 / 100 gr
Summer and holidays, summer and the living is easy, summer with its hot afternoons when even the most active feel like slowing down. It is ...
€11.40 / piece
White Cloud
White Cloud
An exquisite Yin Zhen (Silver Tips) white tea, delicately scented with jasmine blossoms. Take special care when preparing this tea to use w...
€9.10 / 50 gr
Instant green tea with jasmine and a little sugar. Perfect for preparing a quick glass of ice tea using the dosage spoon included in the ti...
€9.50 / piece
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