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Porcelain teapot and 2 cups Ying Hua
Porcelain teapot and 2 cups Ying Hua
Japanese type tea set consisting of a Kyûsu pot, a stainless steel infuser and two small cups decorated with a cherry tree pattern. Content: pot 0,5L (Ø 11 cm x 11 ...
€45.00 / piece
Pure Energy
Pure Energy
A very tastful and invigorating blend of green tea, Chinese ginseng root, pineapple and ginger. Long-term studies have shown that ginseng helps the organism cope with stress, fa...
€5.20 / 100 gr
Porcelain tea mug Spring
Porcelain tea mug Spring
A large cheerful white porcelain cup decorated with spring flowers. Pattern may vary slightly. Content: 0,3L (Ø 8,5 cm x 11,5 cm)
€9.00 / piece
Aloe Anti-ageing Tea
Aloe Anti-ageing Tea
Legendary Queen Cleopatra ascribed her beauty to the use of aloe vera. Aloe vera extract is very effective in treating wounds, speeding up...
€5.20 / 100 gr
Wellness tea
Wellness tea
An explosively flavourful health cocktail, with a rich blend of ingredients for a feeling of total rejuvenation. Hibiscus, apple, orange, ...
€4.30 / 100 gr
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Stainless steel infuser Teapot with tray
Stainless steel infuser ...
Stainless steel tea strainer suitable for most teapots and mugs with a drip tray that also serve...
€7.00 / piece

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