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Hanami or ?flower viewing? is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers, mostly of cherry blossoms (sakura). This practice is to spring what admiring the c...
€4.80 / 100 gr
Pure Energy
Pure Energy
A very tastful and invigorating blend of green tea, Chinese ginseng root, pineapple and ginger. Long-term studies have shown that ginseng helps the organism cope with stress, fa...
€5.20 / 100 gr
Metabolism Tea
Metabolism Tea
A blend with an unexpected and delightfully intense and invigorating maritime flavour. Green tea, mate, Wakame seaweed, lemongrass. Waka...
€6.50 / 100 gr
China Jasmin Chung Hao
China Jasmin Chung Hao
A jasmine tea of exceptionally fine quality, originally reserved for the imperial court.
€7.50 / 100 gr
Lychee Dragon Pearls
Lychee Dragon Pearls
The Chinese recommend that high quality tea leaves, especially scented ones, be rolled into pearl shaped pellets in order to protect their ...
€11.40 / 100 gr
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Large 0,35L porcelain mu...
Large double-walled 0,35L porcelain mug with stainless steel strainer and lid in a gift box, fea...
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