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Detox tea, herbs of mount Olympus
Detox tea, herbs of mount Olympus
This perfectly balanced natural blend of stinging nettle, fennel, thyme, sage, chamomile, Greek mountain tea, lemon balm, apple and green Roibos, will help detoxify your body and ...
€4.60 / 100 gr
Bell-shaped Yixing teapot Duan
Bell-shaped Yixing teapot Duan
This traditionally shaped teapot is the fruit of the time honoured skill of exceptional artisans from the Yixing area. It features green bamboo canes and leaves on one side and ye...
€64.00 / piece
Treasury of the Maya
Treasury of the Maya
With whole pieces of chocolate, a uniquely flavourful tea.
€4.60 / 100 gr
NEW Japanese porcelain teapot and 4 cups Ozaka
NEW Japanese porcelain teapot and 4 cups Ozaka
Five piece Japanese tea set consisting of a teapot with a stainless steel infuser and four cups. Dark blue with a wide horizontal band feat...
€55.00 / piece
China Milky Oolong
China Milky Oolong
Springtime rolled green Jade Oolong tea from the province Fujian in China. Light green infusion with a slight milky note, due to a special ...
€8.10 / 100 gr
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The herbs of Greece
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Discover Greece's herbal teas, the regions where they are cultivated, their benefits and their properties......
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NEW Black and white three piece ceramic tea set
NEW Black and white thre...
Black and white ceramic tea set consisting of a teapot and two cups. Content: tea pot 0,5L (hei...
€28.00 / piece

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