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Fitness Tea
Fitness Tea
A very aromatic and effective mix of herbs, including mate, lemon balm, stinging nettle, hibiscus, rose hip, sunflower and lemongrass to help you loose weight and body fat. South ...
€4.80 / 100 gr
Diet Tea
Diet Tea
A delicious and very useful dietary aid, to help you get rid of extra weight. This blend of green tea, lemon balm, lemongrass, honeybush and lemon peel has diuretic and detox pro...
€4.80 / 100 gr
Aloe Anti-ageing Tea
Aloe Anti-ageing Tea
Legendary Queen Cleopatra ascribed her beauty to the use of aloe vera. Aloe vera extract is very effective in treating wounds, speeding up...
€5.20 / 100 gr
China Jasmin Chung Hao
China Jasmin Chung Hao
A jasmine tea of exceptionally fine quality, originally reserved for the imperial court.
€7.50 / 100 gr
Four Red Berries
Four Red Berries
A cheery melange of strawberry, cherry, raspberry and red currant.
€4.60 / 100 gr
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Stainless steel infuser with tray
Stainless steel infuser ...
Stainless steel tea strainer suitable for most teapots and mugs with a drip tray that also serve...
€7.00 / piece

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